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Power Of Three Warriors Complete Third Series

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Embark on a thrilling journey in Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, 'Warriors: Power of Three.' This comprehensive box set encompasses all six books from the third Warriors series, making it the ideal addition to the collections of dedicated Erin Hunter enthusiasts and newcomers to the Warriors universe.

For many moons, the wild cat Clans have thrived in harmony and peace. However, unsettling messages from their warrior ancestors foretell a chilling prophecy and an enigmatic threat that looms on the horizon. Now, the time has arrived for three young cats from ThunderClan-Hollypaw, Jawpaw, and Lionpaw-to step into their roles as apprentices. As descendants of the revered leader Firestar, they possess extraordinary powers and abilities. Yet, they are shrouded in secrets and plagued by uncertainty, as a cryptic prophecy hints at impending troubles. 

The destiny of the warrior code now rests upon the shoulders of these three apprentices, and they must summon all their strength to guide the Clans through the challenges ahead.

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Brand: Harper Collins

Manufacturer / Publisher Harper Collins Harper Collins

Series: Warriors

Recommended Age: 8 Years & Up

Target Audience: Primary

Target Gender: Unisex

Number Of Pieces: 6

Format: Paperback

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