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Introducing Play-Doh Moldimals: Shape, Create, and Unleash Imagination!

  • Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Play-Doh Moldimals, where imagination takes shape and creativity knows no bounds! Created by the beloved Play-Doh brand, Moldimals bring a new dimension of excitement to the classic modeling compound experience. Here's why Moldimals are a must-have for every aspiring artist and animal lover:
  • Magical Animal Molding: Moldimals bring your favorite animals to life in the most enchanting way. Mold and sculpt Play-Doh into adorable animal figures, from playful puppies to graceful butterflies, fierce lions to whimsical unicorns. Each Moldimals set includes multiple molds that capture the essence of these creatures, allowing you to create an entire menagerie of your own.
  • Vibrant Play-Doh Colors: Dive into a world of vibrant hues with Play-Doh Moldimals. Each set comes with a variety of eye-catching colors that inspire creativity and bring your animal creations to life. Mold, mix, and blend different colors to customize your animals, making every creation as unique as your imagination.
  • Easy and Safe to Use: Moldimals are designed with young artists in mind. The Play-Doh compound is soft, pliable, and easy to mold, ensuring a frustration-free experience for both children and adults. Plus, Play-Doh is non-toxic and non-staining, making it a safe and worry-free choice for hours of creative play.
  • Expand Creativity with Accessories: Take your Moldimals creations to the next level with exciting accessories. Add texture and detail with pattern rollers, stampers, or sculpting tools included in select sets. Bring extra flair to your animals with fun accessories like hats, bows, or collars, allowing you to customize and personalize your Moldimals in delightful ways.
  • Inspire Open-Ended Play: Moldimals encourage open-ended play and imaginative storytelling. Dive into a world of make-believe where your Moldimals come to life, embarking on exciting adventures and creating memorable moments. Whether playing solo or with friends, Moldimals ignite the imagination and foster endless hours of joy and creativity.
  • Collect and Expand the Fun: With a range of Moldimals sets to choose from, the fun never ends. Start with your favorite animals, and then expand your collection to create an entire zoo or mythical realm. Mix and match molds and colors across sets to create hybrid creatures or dream up your own entirely new species.

Unleash the artist within and embark on a journey of creativity and fun with Play-Doh Moldimals. Whether you're a seasoned sculptor or just starting your modeling adventure, Moldimals offer a delightful experience that captivates the young and the young at heart. Mold, shape, and bring your favorite animals to life, and let the magic of Play-Doh inspire your imagination like never before!

Additonal Information

Brand: Play Doh

Manufacturer / Publisher Creative Kids

Series: Moldimals

Recommended Age: 3 Years & Up

Target Audience: Pre-School

Target Gender: Unisex

Number Of Pieces: 1


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