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Pokemon Super Collection

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Embark on an epic adventure into the world of Pok�mon with the Pokemon Super Collection Series, a thrilling 15-book box set that promises endless excitement and fun for fans of all ages.

This beautifully curated collection features the following titles:

Book 1: Ash's Big Challenge: Join Ash Ketchum as he begins his journey to become a Pok�mon Master, facing tough challenges and making new friends along the way.

Book 2: Pok�mon Peril: Prepare for heart-pounding battles and unexpected encounters as Ash and his trusty Pok�mon face perilous situations.

Book 3: The Orange League: Follow Ash on his quest to conquer the Orange League and prove his worth as a true Pok�mon Trainer.

Book 4: Scyther vs Charizard: Witness an epic showdown between two powerful Pok�mon as they engage in a battle of strength and strategy.

Book 5: Race to Danger: Join Ash and his friends in a race against time to save innocent Pok�mon from a mysterious threat.

Book 6: Show Time!: Get ready for dazzling performances and captivating shows as Ash and his Pok�mon take center stage.

Book 7: Power Up Psyduck: Laugh and cheer as Ash encounters a lovable yet clumsy Psyduck with surprising hidden powers.

Book 8: The Winner's Cup: Experience the excitement of fierce competitions as Ash competes for the coveted Winner's Cup.

Book 9: The Pok�mon School: Step into a school like no other, where Pok�mon education takes center stage and new lessons await.

Book 10: Alolan Challenge: Discover the enchanting Alola region as Ash faces new challenges and meets unique Pok�mon.

Book 11: Adventure on Treasure Island: Embark on a thrilling treasure hunt with Ash and his friends, where surprises await at every turn.

Book 12: Old Friends, New Battles: Reunite with old friends and encounter formidable opponents in battles that will test Ash's skills.

Book 13: Pokemon Unknown: Unravel mysteries and encounter rare and mysterious Pok�mon in this captivating installment.

Book 14: The Chikorita Challenge: Cheer on Ash and his loyal Chikorita as they overcome obstacles and grow stronger together.

Book 15: Coloring Book: Unleash your creativity with this delightful coloring book, featuring your favorite Pok�mon characters and scenes.

Join the iconic trainer Ash Ketchum and his Pok�mon companions in this action-packed collection that celebrates the spirit of friendship, determination, and the bond between humans and Pok�mon. Perfect for both seasoned fans and newcomers to the Pok�mon universe, this box set promises hours of adventure and imagination. Catch 'em all with the Pokemon Super Collection Series today!

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Brand: Promotional

Manufacturer / Publisher Promotional

Series: Pokemon

Recommended Age: 8 Years & Up

Target Audience: Primary

Target Gender: Unisex

Number Of Pieces: 15

Format: Paperback

Carton QTY: 8