The Early Reader Library

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Enhance Your Family Reading Time with Our 54-Book Set Create a special family �reading-together' time with your child with our carefully curated 54-book collection. 

This set is designed to nurture your child's reading journey and foster a love for stories from an early age. 

Why Choose Our 54-Book Collection? Bonding Time: Enjoy precious moments reading stories together, showing your child the pictures as they listen and engage with the tales. Progressive Levels: Our books are structured to match your child's reading readiness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable progression. 

Three Levels to Support Your Child's Reading Development: 

Level 1: Read Aloud to Your Child Introduce your child to the joy of stories by reading aloud to them. Perfect for building listening skills and a love for reading. 

Level 2: Early Word Recognition As you read, your child will begin to recognize and read a few words. This stage encourages word association and boosts confidence. 

Level 3: Independent Reading with Support At this level, your child will read most words independently, needing only occasional help. This stage fosters self-reliance and a deeper understanding of the stories. Give your child the gift of reading and enjoy a magical journey through stories together with our comprehensive 54-book set. 

Perfect for creating lasting memories and a strong reading foundation.