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Times Table Rewards Kit

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Introducing the Lab New Times Table Encouragement Kit - making learning math easy and fun for children of all ages! We understand that children love to wear wristbands, and now education can be an exciting experience with our innovative kit.

With the Lab New Times Table Encouragement Kit, your children can learn and have fun at the same time. We've designed brightly colored skinny bands that are printed with the multiplication table. These eye-catching wristbands will capture your child's attention and make learning engaging and enjoyable.

The kit includes the Easy Learner Multiplication Board, which features blank spaces on both sides. Your child can practice their times tables by using the included dry erase pen to fill in the missing numbers. This interactive approach encourages active learning and helps children reinforce their multiplication skills.

Our goal is to make learning math accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages. The Lab New Times Table Encouragement Kit is designed to create a positive learning environment, where children can explore and master their multiplication skills in a fun and interactive way.

Empower your children to excel in math with our brightly colored wristbands and interactive multiplication board. Make learning a breeze and watch as your child's confidence grows with each successful multiplication problem solved. Give your child the tools they need to succeed and make math an exciting adventure with the Lab New Times Table Encouragement Kit.

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