Crusin' Dolphins

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This 1000-piece puzzle invites you into a scene where the beauty of nature and the wonder of imagination come together in perfect harmony.

The puzzle showcases a pod of dolphins playfully swimming through a vibrant coral reef. The dolphins glide effortlessly among the colorful corals, their sleek forms weaving in and out of the intricate underwater landscape. The reef itself is teeming with life, with schools of fish darting around the dolphins, creating a lively and captivating scene.

Beyond the reef, an exotic island rises in the distance, its lush vegetation spilling down steep cliffs. Waterfalls cascade from the cliffs, crashing into the azure ocean below, adding a dramatic touch to the tropical setting. The combination of the coral reef, the playful dolphins, and the majestic waterfalls creates a surreal and enchanting panorama.

As you assemble this stunning puzzle, you'll be transported to a world where the natural beauty of the ocean meets the serenity of a hidden paradise. Whether you're an experienced puzzler or just starting out, Surreal Australia offers a satisfying challenge that stimulates your mind and sparks your imagination. Let Puzzle Masters' latest creation take you on a journey through a realm where the wonders of the sea and the allure of a tropical island combine. Get ready to dive into the magic within every piece.

Additonal Information

Brand: Puzzle Master

Manufacturer / Publisher Puzzle Master

Series: Surreal Australia

Recommended Age: All Ages

Target Audience: All Ages

Target Gender: Unisex

Number Of Pieces: 1000


Carton QTY: 10