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Crunchy Macaron

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This fantastic Play-Doh Air Clay Crunchy Macaron set is part of the awesome line of crunchy clay confectionary from Play-Doh!

Play-Doh has been something that has entertained kids for years and has helped bring out the creative side in many children. This Play-Doh Air Clay Crunchy Macaron set though is part of a new range of Air Clay from Play-Doh! What is great about this is that it offers that same squishy and creative fun, but this will harden and become something that children can display or even play with! This set comes with two packets of Play-Doh Air Clay, purple and green and children will love the way that it cracks and pops as they start to shape it so that it looks like some delicious macarons!

Inside the packet is everything children need to complete this wacky and fun project! Not only is making this Play-Doh Air Clay Crunchy Macaron set a whole lot of fun. Children will also be using their fine motor skills and also embracing their creative side which is just awesome to see. Any child that loves making things and using their imagination to play is going to have a wonderful time bringing these macrons to life!

Suitable for ages 4 and up

Key Features:

  • This set comes with two different coloured packest of Play-Doh Air Clay
  • Children will have a lot of fun making these macarons
  • The way that this Air Clay hardens means that they can keep these forever!
  • Everything that is required is inside the packet
  • This is a low cost way for a child to have some creative fun!