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Beginners History

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Introducing the captivating Usborne Beginners History 10 Books Collection Box Set. Delve into the rich tapestry of the past as you embark on a journey through time with these engaging and informative books. Each book provides simple yet captivating insights into different periods of history, perfect for beginner readers. Let's explore the fascinating descriptions of each book in this remarkable collection.

Step back in time to the Stone Age, where you'll discover the lives and customs of its inhabitants. From there, venture into the Iron Age, unraveling the secrets of farming, deities, and the mighty hill forts that served as their strongholds. Next, immerse yourself in the intriguing world of the ancient Egyptians. Uncover the mysteries of their magnificent pyramids and learn about the fascinating process of mummification.

Travel to Ancient Greece, where you'll encounter its vibrant culture, from fashion and cuisine to the brilliant minds of philosophers and mathematicians that shaped the era. Unveil the enigmatic Celts, a people residing atop hills and renowned for their intimidating appearance in battle. Learn about their unique traditions and fierce warriors.

Discover the ancient Romans, their daily lives, dining habits, shopping spots, and leisure activities, as you step into their remarkable civilization. Unearth the secrets of the Maya civilization, renowned for their towering stone temples. Dive into their world, understand their way of life, and marvel at their architectural wonders.

Set sail with the Vikings and experience the thrill of their adventures. Explore their homes, participate in their feasts, and learn about their mythology and remarkable seafaring skills. Unveil the mysteries of castles, from the noble residents who inhabited them to the intricate details of their construction. Immerse yourself in the wonders of these majestic fortresses.

Finally, journey into the realm of archaeology with "Digging Up the Past." Discover how ancient artifacts are buried, who uncovers them, and the incredible treasures they reveal. 

This vibrant and diverse collection offers a colorful and accessible introduction to history for young readers. Each book is filled with engaging illustrations and captivating narratives, making history come alive. The Usborne Beginners