Build-ables Plus 6 in 1 Mechasurus Pack

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Introducing Construct IT's Build-ables Plus Mechasaur Series, an exhilarating collection for young builders and dinosaur enthusiasts! This unique set features six mechanical dinosaur models, all neatly packed in a sturdy carrying case, perfect for kids who love hands-on construction and imaginative play.

With the Build-ables Plus Mechasaur Series, children get the chance to construct six different Mech Dinos, each with its unique design and personality. The series includes iconic prehistoric creatures reimagined as futuristic mechanical beasts, offering endless opportunities for creative play. From the fierce T-Rex to the agile Velociraptor, each model brings its own dynamic flair to the table.

The Build-ables Plus Mechasaur Series comes with a specialized tool kit, allowing kids to assemble the Mech Dinos with ease. The instructions are clear and straightforward, making it accessible for children to follow along and build their Mech Dinos piece by piece. As they construct these impressive dinosaurs, children gain valuable experience in problem-solving, spatial awareness, and basic engineering principles.

The carry case is designed to keep all the pieces organized, providing a convenient way to transport the entire collection. It's perfect for on-the-go play, whether it's to a friend's house or on a family trip. The case also serves as a secure storage solution, ensuring that the Mech Dinos stay safe when not in use.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

?Key Features:?

  • Six Unique Mech Dinos: The set includes six different mechanical dinosaurs, each with its distinct look and functionality, providing a variety of building challenges and play scenarios.
  • Specialized Tool Kit: The included tool kit empowers children to assemble the Mech Dinos, enhancing their construction skills and encouraging hands-on creativity.
  • Interactive Play and Learning: As kids build their Mech Dinos, they develop a deeper understanding of engineering concepts, problem-solving skills, and spatial reasoning.
  • Sturdy Carrying Case: The Build-ables Plus Mechasaur Series comes in a durable carrying case, offering a convenient way to keep the pieces organized and ready for travel or storage.
  • Engaging and Educational: This set combines the excitement of building with the thrill of playing with mechanical dinosaurs, ensuring hours of fun and learning.

Let your child's creativity and curiosity run wild with Construct IT's Build-ables Plus Mechasaur Series. This thrilling set combines the adventure of constructing with the excitement of dinosaurs, offering a unique experience that captivates and educates. Get ready for a journey into the world of mechanical dinos with Construct IT!

Additonal Information

Brand: Construct IT

Manufacturer / Publisher BMS Brands

Series: Build-ables

Recommended Age: 3 Years & Up

Target Audience: Pre-School

Target Gender: Boys

Number Of Pieces: 72


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