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Oh So Satisfying - Satisfying Sushi

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With the awesome ZZAND Oh So Satisfying � Satisfying Sushi Set, children can pretend that they are running their own sushi restaurant!

Do not worry about ZZAND making a mess and getting into your kid's hair, shoes, and everywhere else in between! This is very special sand that is designed to be sculpted, shaped, cut, and even rolled and it does all of this without making a mess! That is right, there is no sand everywhere like when you are at the beach or gross dirty sand like is in the sandpit with ZZAND. Just good clean creative fun and creative fun that mum and dad won't have to spend ages cleaning up after!

The ZZAND Oh So Satisfying � Satisfying Sushi Set is awesome as it comes with three different colours of ZZAND, a set of five moulds! With these moulds they can make different types of fish and fish which they can they can then use on the fun little playset to make a neat display. A ZZAND roller, sculpting tool, and chopsticks are also included. While playing with this set is fun, it is the making of it that is really awesome! The way that this sand can be cut, sculpted, and rolled is very satisfying and will provide them with hours and hours of fun.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set comes with some funky colours of ZZAND
  • It is packed with fun accessories so that they can play with their creations
  • The various tools that come with this set make sculpting and cutting the ZZAND lots of fun
  • They will feel like they have their own little sushi restaurant!
  • There is no big mess for the parents to clean up once playtime is over!