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The Giver Quartet

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Embark on a remarkable journey through a thought-provoking future with "The Giver" quartet by acclaimed author Lois Lowry. In this captivating series, explore a world seemingly devoid of war, hunger, and pain, where perfection is the norm. However, as the stories unfold, hidden flaws and unsettling truths come to light, challenging the very fabric of this seemingly utopian society.

"The Giver" introduces twelve-year-old Jonas, who is chosen as the Receiver of Memory, unraveling the facade of his community's perfection. Join him as he navigates the complexities of a world stripped of emotions, uncovering the true nature of his society.

In "Gathering Blue," return to this enigmatic future world as orphaned Kira is summoned by the Council of Guardians. Follow her journey as she unravels secrets and discovers her own strength amidst a society that values perfection above all else.

"Messenger" introduces us to Matty, who thrives in the Village until darkness threatens their once-welcoming community. As borders are sealed, Matty embarks on a perilous journey through the forest, risking everything to save those he loves.

The thrilling conclusion awaits in "Son" as 'Water Claire' washes up on the shore, shrouded in mystery. Determined to find her son, Claire embarks on an extraordinary quest, confronting unimaginable sacrifices and uncovering the truth about her origins.

Lois Lowry's masterful storytelling weaves together a quartet of dystopian novels that challenge our perceptions and ignite our imagination. With vibrant characters, thought-provoking themes, and gripping narratives, this four-book set guarantees an enthralling reading experience that will resonate long after the final page is turned. Open your mind to a future where humanity evolves, where values are redefined, and where the power of resilience and hope can reshape the world.

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Brand: Harper Collins

Manufacturer / Publisher Harper Collins Harper Collins

Series: The Giver

Recommended Age: 12 Years & Up

Target Audience: Secondary

Target Gender: Unisex

Number Of Pieces: 4

Format: Paperback

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