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Tiny Robots

Vendor Smart Lab
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Spark your child's imagination and unleash their engineering skills with our delightful Robotics Kit! This innovative set empowers kids to design and build their very own mini working machines using a collection of authentic mechanical parts.

Key Features:

  • Mix and Match Mechanics: Encourage creativity by combining axles, wheels, arms, legs, and gears within a transparent chassis. This opens up endless possibilities, allowing kids to create tiny robots that walk, roll, crawl, spin, and perform captivating movements.
  • Versatile Configurations: With the ability to configure and reconfigure their robot inventions, children can explore a wide range of unique designs, each with its own functions and tasks. The potential for imaginative exploration is limitless!
  • Hands-on Fun: Our kit provides a hands-on and enjoyable introduction to robotics, engaging kids in STEAM activities that educate and entertain. Through building and experimenting, they'll learn about mechanical engineering, gear ratios, and the fascinating intricacies of miniature machines.
  • 15 Motorized Builds: Ignite your child's creativity with 15 clever motorized builds. From simple to complex, each build presents a valuable learning opportunity that combines science and play.
  • Tiny Tools: The kit includes appropriately sized tools for little hands, enabling kids to assemble and disassemble their creations with ease.
  • Enormous Engineering Foldout: Unveil an enormous engineering foldout that expands your child's knowledge and understanding of engineering concepts. This educational resource complements the hands-on experience, enriching their learning journey.
  • STEM Learning: Our Robotics Kit seamlessly integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles into playtime, fostering a deeper understanding of engineering concepts while ensuring a blast of fun.

Equip your child with the tools they need to become budding engineers. Let their imagination take flight as they delve into the captivating world of robotics, mechanics, and engineering. With our Robotics Kit, big science comes in a small package, inspiring endless hours of learning, creativity, and unforgettable fun!

Additonal Information

Brand: Smart Lab

Manufacturer / Publisher Smart Lab

Series: Tiny Kits

Recommended Age: 8 Years & Up

Target Audience: Primary

Target Gender: Unisex

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Carton QTY: 4