48 Piece Jumbo Floor Puzzle Aussie Map

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Have fun and learn a thing or two with this spectacular Puzzle Master 48 Piece Jumbo Floor Australia Map!

Brought to us from the fine folks at Puzzle Master. This 48 Piece Jumbo Floor Australia Map shows children just how special this great country is. It breaks down all the major parts of Australia, showing some of the main areas and even having little things that are special to that region. Children will certainly get a better understanding of their country with this fantastic puzzle! Puzzle Master specializes in making puzzles that are fun with kids. This is why they use nice and bright ink to bring the image to life. Add to this the strong carding that all of the 48 pieces are made from and you have a puzzle that is perfectly designed for children.

As they put each puzzle piece into the correct area, children will be using their problem-solving skills and also their fine motor skills. So, while this is a puzzle that is a great deal of fun. It is also one that has some educational value to it as well. At 48 pieces it is going to give them a challenge, but it is going to be a fun challenge.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

  • Children can make a really cool map of Australia
  • They will learn about Australia as they build the puzzle
  • Each piece is made with high-quality carding
  • They will be developing their problem-solving skills as they play
  • Puzzle Master makes the best jigsaw puzzles around!