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Behaviour Matters Collection 2

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Continue the journey of emotional and social learning with the "Behaviour Matters Collection 2." This thoughtfully assembled boxed set builds on the principles introduced in Collection 1, offering new stories and lessons that help children develop essential life skills and positive behaviors. Features: New Relatable Stories: Featuring fresh, engaging tales, each book in this collection presents everyday scenarios that children can easily relate to, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. Focus on Key Behaviors: The stories delve into important topics such as patience, responsibility, honesty, and teamwork. Each narrative is designed to teach children how to navigate these aspects of behavior through practical examples. Lively Illustrations: Bright and dynamic illustrations accompany each story, captivating young readers and enhancing their understanding of the content. Interactive Content: Questions, discussion prompts, and activities are included in each book to encourage children to think about the stories and apply the lessons to their own lives, fostering critical thinking and personal growth. Encouragement of Positive Actions: By emphasizing the benefits of good behavior and the impact of actions on others, this collection helps children to develop empathy and a sense of community. Ideal For: Parents and caregivers seeking to reinforce positive behavior and emotional intelligence in children Teachers and educators looking for effective tools to teach social skills in the classroom Anyone looking for thoughtful and educational gifts for young readers The "Behaviour Matters Collection 2" is a perfect complement to the first set, continuing to provide valuable lessons in a fun and accessible format. Equip children with the tools they need to thrive socially and emotionally with this enriching collection.