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Serpent & Dove 3-Book Box Set

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Embark on an enchanting journey with the Serpent & Dove 3-Book Paperback Box Set-a mesmerizing collection that will transport you to a world where magic, love, and destiny intertwine. Dive into the captivating realm crafted by Shelby Mahurin, where witches and love collide in an enthralling dance of danger and desire. 

This beautifully packaged box set features the complete trilogy, including:

  • Serpent & Dove: Immerse yourself in a tale of forbidden love as a witch and a witch hunter find themselves bound by an unbreakable bond. Will their love defy all odds in a world where darkness lurks at every corner?
  • Blood & Honey: The saga continues as alliances are tested and secrets are unveiled. Brace yourself for a roller-coaster of emotions as Lou and Reid's journey takes an electrifying turn-one that could alter their destinies forever.
  • Gods & Monsters: Prepare for an epic conclusion where gods and mortals clash in a battle that will reshape their world. As the final reckoning approaches, the ultimate sacrifice must be made to save everything they hold dear.

Indulge in the complete Serpent & Dove trilogy, a must-have for fans of romantic fantasy sagas. Whether you're seeking thrilling magic, heart-pounding romance, or unforgettable characters, this box set delivers an immersive reading experience that will leave you spellbound.

Perfect for both seasoned fans and new readers alike, the Serpent & Dove 3-Book Paperback Box Set is an ideal addition to your personal library and a thoughtful gift for those who crave the allure of extraordinary realms and epic love stories.